Ship Manning: Gurship Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd. RPSL - MUM - 287

It is a known fact that Companies worldwide source their manning personnel both officers as well as ratings from the shores of the Indian coast. Indian officers as well as rating are known for their efficiency, work culture, adaptability and compatibility. Last but not the least their knowledge and usage of the English Language.

Gurship maintains a roster, an exhaustive list of personnel of various cadres both Indian and select foreign nationalities to enable them to place on board the principal's requirement within the shortest time possible. No list can be absolute in its content of personnel with clean records but a Gurship it is our policy to ensure that any person who has disappointed any of our principals with respect to efficiency and trade secrets is removed from our roster. It is, therefore, our endeavour to ask for reports of each person we place on board any of our principal's vessels from the company as well as the Masters.

Ship Repairs & Supply of Spares

Where machinery is involved can repairs be far away? It is an integral part of our services which we offer to all our Principals when their vessels call at any of the Indian Ports. Our experienced repair team from our associate company can undertake any repairs that may be needed by the Master/Chief Engineer of any vessel. We also have a team of professional repair persons with travel documents ready to fly out to assist any vessel as a member of the ship's staff during the vessel's voyage.

Furthermore, with liberalization the buzz word, India is now on the world map for the availability of cost effective and quality world class spare and stores enabling us to provide a valuable support system to our Principals at competitive rates.

Ship owners do not always require new parts for old machinery. Statistically it has been proved that old machinery performs better with parts near about of the same age but in working condition rather than absolutely brand new parts which will have to be broken in. India has fast attained the leadership in Ship Scrapping and Breaking Industry thus pouring into the market very usable and quality parts and machinery.

With its liaison office at Bhavnagar, the nerve center of the ship breaking industry at Alang, we at Gurship maintain an extensive inventory of second hand spares and machinery, both fast moving as well as those required occasionally. We are also able to supply and arrange servicing, reconditioning, inspection and certification of these parts/machinery by all reputed Classification Societies as per the vessel's classification.


Ship Agency & Husbanding

Indian Ports have a plethora of paper work that has to be carried out prior to a vessel being allowed to berth. Paperwork is not necessarily the Ship Master's forte and he would be grateful for a very efficient help at hand. Laws of the land hold the Ship Master as the responsible person bringing the goods to the country. Should he therefore not know how he must put his best foot forward? It is here that Gurship can and does help the Ship Master. Being a Master Mariner himself the Managing Director has put the stress on relieving the Ship Master of the stress of port entry formalities. Every vessel has some requirements at each port and best can understand the requirements of the vessel than a Master Mariner himself. Gurship provides the best in Agency and husbandry services.